How to Have Threesomes


I’m going to stick with yesterday’s topic of bisexual women and post something that Thundercat wrote regarding threesomes. Thundercat has written the definitive guide to picking up strippers. And a stripper might be your best shot at a threesome. Below is some advice he has for you guys in search of the magical threesome. There really is some great advice packed in here.

How to Have Threesomes by Joseph Mathews
Treat the fact that she`s bisexual the same way you`d treat the fact that she knows how to cook. If you`re comfortable with it and you can speak about it like it`s not a big deal and it`s natural, then it is.
Rick said that he`s at a stage where he won`t even ask the girls if they`re bisexual. He`ll just ask them What kind of girls do you like? Again, if it`s not a big deal to you, it won`t be to them.He said the biggest mistake most men make is that they`ll rush into a threesome. He said that the primary partner has to feel comfortable she`s not gonna get dumped when she brings a girl home for you. Make sure she understands she`s the primary in the relationship, and that you can`t pay more attention to the second girl.
Basically, Rick`s process is:

1. Ask the question Are you bisexual?
2. Get her to point out girls she thinks are cute
3. Set the frame you`re someone who enjoys the fantasy with her.
4. Talk about her past experiences with women
5. Make this a fantasy for HER
6. Establish a relationship with the primary and then find a secondary girl
7. Don`t get jealous or insecure”
Eventually, I teamed up with Rick H and did a few sets. While walking around the bar, every ugly girl he`d see, hed turn to me and say Uh, dude, tell your girlfriend to stop following us around. Turns out Rick H ball busting doesn`t stop with girls. It was funny shit though. I eventually pulled two girls over to him at the bar and got to see his game a bit. First thing he does is grab their palms, look them over, and trace his finger over them, saying You got the sexual adventurism fork. They of course ask what that means. He tells them Well, it means one of three things. Those with the fork are either fetishists, exhibitionists, or bisexual. He then told them that they both have the forks.
The girls laughed. Rick H then did a full palm reading on the hot one. She seemed really into it. He then asked her What kind of girls do you like? She said I`m not into girls. I like guys. Rick responded No, you just like guys more.He probably could have gotten her if her friend hadn`t dragged her off, since the girl he was talking to (a really cute blond chick) seemed into it. After they were gone he started making fun of them for having fat asses (even though, at least in one of their cases, that wasn`t true).
I then talked to Rick a bit about Las Vegas, and I told him that last time I was out there, I kept running into prostitutes. I asked him if he`s ever gotten the hookers in Vegas into bed without paying, and he told me all the time. He talked about his system for doing it, where he`ll usually get them early in the night, before lots of business is thrown their way, and he`ll be really funny about it. If she says:
I`m working.
He`ll respond:
Rick: Oh yeah um well, you wanna know how to get a lot of customers?
Her: Sure.
Rick: Well, you need to get warmed up first. You`re too, uh, too normal right now. You gotta have sex. You gotta have sex and get warmed up. You have sex, you get all riled up, come back down to the casino stinking like sex, and guys will flock to you like bees to honey, honey. C`mon, let`s go, up to my room and get you warmed up.
Her: (laughing) Oh, I don`t know Rick: It`s good for you. It`s good for you. It`s in your own best interest. It`s in your own best interest. C`mon.
Rick said that for some reason, the key to making it work is saying It`s good for you, and It`s in your own best interest. But you have to say them twice, otherwise it doesn`t work.”

This Mom Is Bisexual And In An Open Marriage. And She’s Happy As Can Be

Sacrifice. Isn’t that what motherhood is all about? Or is that what we have made ourselves believe? We sacrifice our sleep, our vanity and often our dignity. Anyone who has ever whipped out a boob in a crowded restaurant or has had to deal with a screaming tantrum in a toy store knows exactly what I mean. We mothers have convinced ourselves that to be the best for our children, we have to give up almost everything that separates us from the childless women out there.

But to be good mothers must we sacrifice that which makes us who we are? For Sophie Jenkins, absolutely not. One recent evening, following dinner with her husband Steve and their six-year-old daughter, Sophie planned a fun night out dancing with the girls. This isn’t unusual for most moms – we still enjoy nights out with our friends, even though they may end earlier than they did in our child-free days. But for Sophie, the concept of ‘girls night out’ takes on a whole different meaning.

On this night, Sophie enters the club and watches the gorgeous women, eyeing their soft curves. But she won’t be viewing them with envy, comparing her own body to theirs, as so many of us tend to do. No, Sophie will be looking at them with interest. You see, Sophie is a bisexual, married mom and tonight, she wants to find a woman to dance with and maybe make out with and then see where it leads.

You might be shocked, even horrified, to think that Sophie is cheating on her clueless husband. You might be judging this behavior as unsuitable for a mom. But Sophie is neither cheating nor doing anything wrong. She is simply living her life the way she wants to. And Steve knows all about it.

From the minute they met, Steve knew that Sophie was the woman he was going to marry and have children with. He also knew that she was bisexual and he had no problem with it. He understood that it’s the person – not the gender – that Sophie loves, and that she loves her husband deeply. And for the first few years of their marriage, it was enough.

Then Sophie had her daughter, a traumatic birth that led to severe postpartum depression. She felt lost, unhappy and desperate to have her old life back, which had included dating women. After therapy and a lot of soul searching, Sophie realized that she had sacrificed too much. She is a married mom, yes, but she is also a bisexual woman who needs other women to feel whole.

Bisexuality is confusing for most people. Isn’t it enough to just choose one gender and stick with it? Must people be allowed to sample from every menu? Well, why not? If Sophie’s bisexuality is “an elemental capacity to develop an attraction to the same gender,” then how can one argue with an innate part of her identity? Our most important job as moms is to teach our children to be proud of who they are. Sophie is doing exactly that. Though, like most parents, she has no intention of discussing her sex life with her daughter, she is exemplifying how to live a full, content life by being honest with herself and her husband about who she is.

Where is her loving partner in all of this? Well, he also has desires, but his don’t include going to bars and picking up women. What he wants is the classic male fantasy: a threesome with his wife and another woman. But as Sophie explains, it’s not easy to find a woman who wants to be brought home to someone else’s husband. In fact, it’s so hard to find this elusive other woman that it became part of an iconic Sex and the City episode in which Miranda answers a personals ad from a couple looking for this rare third party. According to Sophie, most potential “thirds” aren’t so sure about joining in with a married couple with kids. Even the most open-minded of people have particular views of family life, and they don’t include threesomes.

Sophie is first and foremost a mother. She takes Maddy to school and chats with the other moms about this and that. But when asked what she had done on Saturday night at her daughter’s class picnic, she neglects to mention the kissing and slow dancing with a woman at a club. Imagining the wide-eyed stares and gaping mouths on the moms’ faces (and the awe perhaps from the dads) is reason enough for Sophie to keep her true identity hidden. This causes a cognitive dissonance of sorts. Sophie is neither embarrassed nor ashamed of who she is, yet to protect her family, she cannot reveal a great part of who she is because of what other moms might think. And as educated and enlightened as we purport to be, moms are, at heart, often competitive and judgmental when it comes to what might seem like inappropriate “mom” behavior. Maybe it’s because we have our own secret proclivities.

But Sophie is not alone. A recent New York Times article by Mark Oppenheimer called “Married, With Infidelities” profiles Dan Savage, America’s best known sex columnist. His column, Savage Love, often looks at monogamy and what he considers its problems. For Savage, the best relationships are had if both people involved are “good, giving and game,” whatever that might entail for the couple. For Savage personally, it includes some extramarital activity; in Sophie’s case, it’s finding women to fool around with and perhaps sharing them with her husband, as she’s done in the past.

Judith Stacey, a New York University sociologist quoted in Oppenheimer’s article, succinctly sums up Sophie’s definition of her marriage: “Monogamy is not natural, non-monogamy is not natural. Variation is natural.” Variation is the key to Sophie’s happy marriage and her ability to be the best mother she can be.

Marriage and motherhood are never easy. In addition to balancing the demands of a husband and child, Sophie also has to find the time (and place) to fulfill a whole other need. She isn’t looking for a girlfriend per se, but she is looking for variation in her sex life. And though Steve is never accusing in his questions, he does want to be included in every part of Sophie’s life – and so it’s a challenge for her to decide how much to share. If Sophie ultimately decides that she wants to find another man, or Steve decides he does want to see another woman, these will be other lines they’ll have to cross. Fluidity in their relationship is understood as part of human nature, and Sophie knows that they will approach it together.

Sophie and Steve love each other, their child and the variation on life they’re mapping out for themselves. With the current media explosion about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Weiner and countless other celebrities and politicians literally being caught with their pants down, Sophie has figured out something most people haven’t. Honesty is truly the core of a relationship, and being who you really are, no holds barred, is the secret to happiness.

10 Reasons I Am Thankful for Bisexual Women

Bisexual women have it rough. Lesbians are scared of them, guys don’t take their interest in women seriously, and their moms think they’re still going to end up with a dude. I’ve lately been thinking about all the flack that bi girls get from lesbians (and from straight people) for being in the middle of the sexuality spectrum rather than on one extreme end or another. I admittedly used to be one of those lesbians who was wary of bi girls. “What if she leaves me for a guy?” “What if she always feels like she’s missing something?”  But then I eventually got my head out of my ass and realized that any girl could just as easily break my heart. That getting left by a girl for another girl is probably worse. That if you’re in a committed relationship your sexuality means absolutely nothing beyond the fact that it allows you to be attracted to whomever you’re dating. Etc. etc. etc. So I’m giving a shout out to bi girls everywhere: Keep doing your thing and being who you are and not picking a fucking side if you are attracted to both genders, multiple genders, whatever! We love you and you have earned your letter in the giant acronym of non-straightness. Here are 10 reasons why I am thankful for bisexual girls:

1.    They’re everywhere. Literally, everywhere.
You know how all the studies say that gay people make up something like 3-4 percent of the population or some crazy low number like that? (I mean I think it’s more like 20 percent but that’s another conversation). At any rate, given that sexuality is clearly a bell curve, it follows that roughly 50 percent of the population is bisexual. Of that 50 percent, more than  half are women. So by my estimation there are roughly 2,465,263,987,361 bisexual girls on the planet. No, I did not major in statistics, but I’m still right. Now it’s up to you to find them. Speaking of finding them…

2. They are looking for girls to date on Tinder and
Now, more than ever, it is so flipping easy to find a bisexual girl to date! I have this theory that online dating, as well as revolutionizing how people meet each other and fall in love, has been a complete game-changer for the LGBT community. It used to be nearly impossible to spot another lesbian/bisexual unicorn, if neither of you were presenting the so-called lesbian aesthetic markers of hair, clothing, etc. But now…now! There are women everywhere you swipe. Into feminine girls but thwarted by femme invisibility? Look no further. And all the androgynous girls are there too. Have you already dated/befriended/slept with/had a falling out with every lesbian you know? Well luckily there’s an entire world of uncharted territory out there of beautiful bisexual girls who don’t live in your lesbian bubble, haven’t already dated all of your friends, and don’t carry years of lesbian baggage/drama. Thank. God. And speaking of lesbian bubbles…

3. They (often) do not live in the real-life equivalent of The L Word.
Given that bisexual girls live everywhere, and do every type of job, and have every type of life, and sometimes date guys if that’s what they’re into, and also date girls (and possibly even marry girls! it happens!) it follows that they might not live in an incestuous lesbian bubble like you do. And if you don’t currently live in The L Word but are a lesbian, perhaps consider yourself thankful because that shit can get dramatic really quickly. I’m not saying having lesbian friends is bad because we all need someone or multiple people who really understand us and all that jazz. But in my experience, being friends with and dating bi girls helps pull me out of that myopic world and expands my horizons. It’s important for everyone, no matter who they are, to have a diverse range of friends, and I think gay people sometimes forget that just as much as straight people do. Bi girls help bridge that divide,  and show everyone that labels don’t have to define everything we do.

4.  They’re fucking gorgeous.
Before you all collectively jump down my throat on this one, yes of COURSE there are beautiful lesbians. But if you refer back to number 1, you’ll recall that it often feels like there are only 5 lesbians on Earth and you are one of them, you are bffs/bros with the second one, you strongly dislike the third, and you’ve already dated the other two. There are so. Many. Bisexual. Women. I cannot stress this enough. And I mean legitimately bi women…not experimenting straight girls who like to use us as orgasm donors, and then bail. (For the record, bi girls get screwed over by this disrespectful experimenting/playing with people’s hearts too).
Anyway, back to what I was saying — looking purely at numbers, there’s a higher chance of finding a beautiful bisexual girl than just about any other type of woman (there are probably more bi girls than straight girls out there too. Just sayin’). And if you like women who are femme/girly/long-haired/fitting-standards-of-traditional-female-beauty etc., you are in even more luck because bi girls tend to be on this end of the gender presentation spectrum. I don’t know why this is. Maybe because they are also open to dating guys and guys tend to go for femme-ier girls? Maybe because some of them live a more outwardly heteronormative existence? I have no idea why, I just am basing this off of personal experience and observation. I’m not knocking other gender presentations either. I think androgyny is fucking sexy. I think masculine women are fucking sexy. I think feminine women are fucking sexy. And so do bisexual girls. And they are really, really hot.

5. They’re everything you love about straight women, but they also have a gritty gay-ish edge to them and want to sleep with you.
They smell good. They have shiny, shiny hair. They have a billion beauty products in their arsenal. (They probably will give you some excellent beauty tips as well). They are perfectly manicured/waxed/etc. They will probably know how to do at least one of the following with proficiency: cooking, baking, sewing, styling hair, styling clothes, hosting dinner parties, wrapping gifts, handwriting letters, staying in shape, interior design, listening, nurturing, gardening, etc.
I do not care that this list is horribly reductive and relies completely on gender stereotypes about (straight) women. Lesbians are so fixated on fighting against gender norms that sometimes we forget that a lot of the things typically associated with women and femininity are wonderful things, and we should probably do more of them. And if we are just too masculine to do so, we should at least celebrate them. And maybe bi girls aren’t so indoctrinated in the lesbian world and still retain some so-called straight girl characteristics. Since when did being able to keep a plant alive, or write a beautiful handwritten letter, or heat-style your hair with a round brush become such a negative thing?
Along with all these things, they were likely also a tomboy growing up, and are not afraid to get dirty, don’t obsessively count calories, chug beer with the best of ’em, and know how to rock a flannel shirt.

6. They kick ass in bed.
Since they are legitimately into girls, their desire will lead them to become very eager/fast learners and very seasoned in lady-sex very quickly. Unlike straight girl pillow princesses, I’ve found that bi girls are giving and aggressive, they take charge, and participate equally, and love every second of it. Also because they’ve been with guys, they’re likely to be able to handle a wide range of styles, so to speak. Yet they’re likely also to be amazed/happy/excited about how much fucking better lesbian sex is than sex with men (nearly every bi girl I know admits as much — if they do still date guys it’s usually for other reasons that has more to do with not being able to put up with women’s ridiculousness, and nothing to do with men’s performance sexually. Women always seem to win that one). I don’t want to get too detailed here, just trust me on this one.

7. Their sexuality doesn’t envelope their whole world. They tend to see people as people and not sexuality labels.
Another thing we (myself very much included) often tend to forget as lesbians is that there’s a giant world out there, and it far extends beyond All Things Lesbian. Bisexual girls get this because they exist in both Straightsville and Gayland, and either used to or still do travel between them. Like straight girls, bisexual girls define themselves mainly by their passions, their work, their hobbies, or their nationalities/ethnicities/whatever — not as much their sexuality. Now look, I know that this whole lesbians-obsessively-identifying-as-lesbians thing comes as a direct result of straight society obsessively making our lesbianism the Most Important Identity Marker about us, but we have a responsibility to look beyond that too and not always do the All Gay All Day thing. I will never stop being obsessed with queer academia, lesbian filmmaking, all of that. But I’m a lot of things besides being a lesbian. Hanging around bi girls helps me remember that.

8.  They’ll totally get along with your parents.
Because bi girls sort of embody the best of both gay and straight girl tendencies, they will probably have just as much in common with your mom (if she’s straight) as your dad (if he’s straight). Get what I’m saying? Bi girls can shoot the shit about football with your dad while also bonding with your mom about girly ass stuff like baby showers that you could care less about. You, like me, also could maybe care less about football as well, but at least the girl you bring home might.

9. As friends, they make excellent sounding boards for your lesbian woes without being too heavily biased but yet still completely getting it.
I’ve noticed that with a lot of my straight girl friends, there’s this line that exists when talking about my dating life that I sometimes accidentally cross, at which point they have no idea how to advise me and/or get weirded-out (topics that cross this line include: period sex, what to do when a girlfriend is being an emotional steamroller, strap-ons, why do lesbians like gay man porn, and so on). When I’m talking to my lesbian friends and I say anything even remotely anti-lesbian, I get railed — it’s like you take one misstep and you’re off the island. For example: After a particularly terrible breakup with a girl, my sad, sad self got very drunk one night and kissed a guy. I am not even remotely bisexual; I was just having a fucking moment. But my lesbian crew will never, ever let me live that one down. With my bisexual girl friends, however, anything and everything is game. I can tell them basically whatever I want, free of judgment, and I know I won’t freak them out. They know how much it sucks to be judged and they know how important it is to rely on your own feelings and self-identification than to be policed by both the gay and straight worlds. Plus they’re not going to give you that look of barely-concealed shock when you tell them the more intimate details of your last lady encounter.
And finally…

10. They are NOT going to leave you for a guy.
Like I said in the beginning of this piece, the only way you would ever be in actual danger of being left for a dude is if the girl you’re dating is 1) actually straight or 2) a complete asshole who didn’t have the courtesy of breaking up with you before pursuing said guy. Truly bisexual girls are truly satisfied in relationships with women. They don’t feel like they’re “missing something.” They don’t crave men while they’re dating you. If they’re in love with you, all their attention is on you and you can rest assured that unless you two break up for some other reason of incompatibility, you don’t have to worry about them ditching you for a guy (or another girl) ever again. Bisexual means having the capability to be attracted to both (or many) sexes. It does not have anything to do with monogamy or commitment or relationships. She’s always going to be bi, but as long as she’s in your bed every night, who fucking cares?
Happy Holidays, y’all.
(Also if I offended any straight girls by all the rants about pillow princesses, keep in mind that I’m only talking about straight girls who fuck with lesbian/bi girls’ hearts, not all straight women. I love you guys, so calm down. Maybe I’ll even make a thankful list for you too)

10 Fights Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Couples Get Into

Let’s be real. Every couple fights. It’s definitely not rainbows and glitter every day. The good news is that where there are fights there is also make-up sex. Check out eight fights every lesbian/bisexual couple have!

1. Celebrity Crushes and Ships 

Whether you are on team Piper and Alex or Piper and Larry. Ships are absolutely not to be messed with and if you don’t both agree on who should be with who on your favorite show, a fight is inevitable.

2. Money!

Being told, or telling someone to cool it on spending is a touchy subject for any couple.

3. When to U-Haul

When you should actually move in together. Yes, female couples are stereotyped as bringing a U-Haul on the second date. If you make it past the that date without moving in and you aren’t on the same page about timing when to move in together can quickly turn into a blowout fight.

4. Being introduced as her “roommate” at work events.

If your girlfriend/partner isn’t completely out of the closet yet, this can often lead to a few arguments along the way. Although being supportive of her feelings is important, it sucks to feel as though you don’t exist. This is a tough one.

5. The Bathroom 

Who gets first use of the bathroom and the blow dryer, straightener, curling iron, brush, comb, and every other hair tool in your house? Getting ready in the morning is hard enough without having an all out fight about which one of you gets first dibs.

6. The Cat 

Who takes care of the stray kitty you now love and adore? Surely your girlfriend can take care of the litter box … maybe you’ll get to it next week.

7. Clothes

Whether it be that favorite t-shirt you both share or the sweats that feel like they are made for your body. We all fight about who can wear what when.

8. Sex 

Sex. Sex may be the end reward for resolving a fight but it also causes plenty of them. Where? When? And how often and who does what, are always hot buttons…literally and figuratively!
9. Kids 
This is a super tricky subject for some, and one you’ll get into before long if either you or your partner has a incredibly active biological clock that needs attention.

10. Fighting About Fighting 


That fight that will continue for days or weeks to come. If you hit a hot button, be prepared to sleep on the couch for weeks until your girl has truly cooled off. You’re in luck though … once she has cooled off it is time for make-up sex!

Bisexual women reveal frustrations of being attracted to men and women

‘People think you’re either a cheater or a swinger’: Bisexual women reveal the frustrations of being attracted to men AND women in secret confessions

  • Bisexual users of secret-sharing app Whisper confessed to their struggles
  • Many women said their sexuality isn’t take seriously by friends or lovers
  • Sexpert Tracey Cox says women should stop labelling themselves 
    Bisexuality has become a heated talking point this week in the wake of a Vogue interview that suggested Cara Delevingne’s attraction to women could be a ‘phase’.
    But according to
    secret-sharing app Whisper, the model isn’t the only one to find her sexuality shrouded in misunderstanding, with plenty of women taking the web to share their own woes.
    The anonymous women’s struggles range from not being taken seriously by their straight friends to being shunned by lesbians.
    Man yreeled off the quick-judge assumptions they faced from others regarding their choices
    ‘It’s hard being bisexual,’ one woman wrote. ‘People think you’re either a cheater or a swinger. They don’t take us seriously.’
    Another echoed the sentiment, claiming: ‘I’m so tired of people saying that bisexuality isn’t real. Yes, I like both sexes. No, I am not confused.’
    Bisexuality has been observed in various human societies and in the animal kingdom throughout history. The term itself, however, was only coined in the 19th century, and it appears many are still sceptical that it even exists to this day.
    ‘I hate being bisexual,’ one woman lamented. ‘I’d rather be fully straight or fully lesbian. It’s way harder to make people understand the in-between.’
    Another wrote: ‘I feel like even though I’m bisexual, I have to prove how queer I am.’
    Celebrities who have identified themselves as bisexual include Anna Paquin, Megan Fox, Rachel Evan Wood, Amber Heard and Drew Barrymore.
    Being bisexual can lead to a minefield of potential struggles, according to female users of secret-sharing app, Whisper
    A few women said they found it difficult dealing with members of the same sex on the grounds of their sexuality
    Actress Kristen Stewart is also bisexual, according to her mother Jules Stewart, who told the Sunday Mirror this month: ‘I’ve met Kristen’s new girlfriend. I accept my daughter loves women and men.’
    Several users of Whisper said they were made to feel inferior by lesbians for confessing their attraction to men.
    ‘I’m bisexual,’ one stated. ‘Most of the people I’ve dated have been lesbian, not bisexual. Almost every single one has made me feel ‘less-than’ because I admit that I’m attracted to men sometimes. Sucks.’
    Another woman wrote: ‘As a bi female I feel rejected by straight women because they feel intimated and by lesbian women because they think I’m greedy.’
    Some women find it so hard to explain, they wished they weren’t bisexual at all
    Many women were keen to drive home the point that it was others who were unsure about bisexuality, not them
    According to, 13 per cent of women between the ages of 18 and 44 say they are attracted to both sexes.
    Most bisexuals will not tell someone about their sexual orientation, however, until at least the age of 20.
    ‘I don’t know how to come out as a bisexual to my friends,’ one Whisper user admitted. ‘I don’t want them to think it’s just for attention.’
    ‘I’ve been in denial about being bisexual,’ another wrote. ‘I’m craving being with a woman but I have no idea how to approach them.’
    For others, their fears about coming out were rooted in their family’s attitude to bisexuality.
    Some women were evidentally not quite ready to explore their desires, despite being aware of them
    This user had a very troubling revelation about how men have reacted to her sexuality
    According to, most bisexuals won’t tell anyone about their sexual orientation until at least the age of 20
    ‘I’ve never allowed myself to have feelings for a woman beyond anything sexual because admitting I’m bi would crush my mother,’ one confessed.
    Another wrote: ‘I may be a proud bisexual feminist, but when it comes to approaching my parents about my sexuality, my confidence crumbles.’
    Some women discussed the nature of being with a man and still identifying as bisexual.
    ‘I’m a bi woman who is married to a man,’ wrote one. ‘It’s weird that most people just assume that I’m straight, or that I don’t like women any more.’
    ‘I’m a bi woman who could never be with a woman long-term,’ another stated. ‘I’m sexually attracted to men and women but have always ultimately pictured myself with a husband, not a wife.’
    One user had a very troubling revelation, writing: ‘I’m a chick, and I’m bisexual. The amount of men who have threatened to ‘fix me’ through rape is terrifying. I shouldn’t have to lie to feel safe.’

The Steps of Dating a Bisexual Woman

Bisexual dating websites can provide you with contacts to other bisexual women, but how to meet a bisexual woman is hardly mentioned by these sites. Wish this blog will help you get the information of bisexual dating advice.bisexual dating advice

● Accept bisexual woman’s girlfriends
Dating with a bisexual woman is very different from general dating, ordinary dating are between two persons, woman-woman, man-man or woman-man, but if you are man seeking other bi women, you should know, she maybe also have a girlfriend. So forgive her late for the appointment, sometimes absently, call other gentle when date with you.
Don’t treat her girlfriend as rival, if you like, invite the girl to join your date, maybe you’ll get more fun. More topics, more laughs. And if the girl is open-minded enough, do sex with them at the same time.
If you don’t like threesome, but accept the exist of her girlfriend at least. If you can’t, I suggest you date a straight woman.

● Be patient with bisexual woman
Once you are sure that you have caught the attention of bisexual woman, showed you are interested in her, and wait for her to hint back. Some of bisexual women who also are interested in you, maybe open-minded and tell you she’s bi, do you accept, if you are OK, let’s go dating. But not all bisexuals tell you straight, they just consider by themselves, upset, hesitate, and no respond to you, even though they like you. So just be patient, not be worry. Show your love again and again, and makes her know your thought, let her know be bisexual is OK, you love her being bisexual.

● Romantic sex with bisexual woman
The main goal in life is go to be happy. I believe a romantic sex will make your life more happy and a long term relationship. Use your passion, spontaneity, your tongue, fingers make her happy. Condoms are required, you know, make you and her healthy is important, maybe you or her would make love with others. Or you are having a threesome now, this time condoms are required more!

● Where to seek bisexual woman
‘The advices of dating bisexual woman are above, but where can I meet bisexual woman?”
・Night Club
・LGBT Community
Bisexual Dating Site
OK, you are already here, bisexual dating, what are you waiting for, millions bisexual members are here waiting for you! Sign up here!

How to Start a New Bisexual Relationship

Start a New Bisexual Relationship
You are coming to this site, and reading the article about start a new bisexual relationship, it’s surely you are looking for bisexual partners, right?
Maybe you are still bisexual single, or have partner and need another bisexual friends, no matter how, before you trying to start a bisexual relationship, please consider your feelings and what you need from the relationship.
bisexual dating

First, Are You Bisexual?
Bisexual is attracted to man and women. How much they are attracted? Maybe be attracted to man more than women, or the opposite. But it will not influence the fact that they are bisexual.
You may want to start bisexual relationship, but it cannot certify you are certainly bisexual. How can I say that? Some people are just curious about bisexual, and want date with bisexual people, in their mind, bisexual friends are more open-minded than straight, do some romantic things, open-minded sex posture, threesome, etc. On the other hand, parts of bisexual couples, the wife or the husband is bi, but not both are bisexual.

Consider Your Feelings
Ok, you want to start bisexual relationship. Before involved with bisexuals new, ask yourself:
Will you comfortable knowing your partner is attracted to both sexes?
Do you need someone who is emotionally connected to you, even if he or she isn’t as physically connected?
Would you allow a partner to find physical fulfillment outside of your relationship?
If your answers are “No”, I don’t think it’s advisable to start a new bisexual relationship.

Understand Your Desire
Now you are sure if you are bi or bi-curious, and understand bisexuals in a way, right? Then know your need is important.
Are you physically attracted to one or both sexes?
Which gender are you the most comfortable around?
Do you identify most with being heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual?
When seeking emotional comfort, do you prefer men or women?
Answer these questions will be helpful to identify what you need in relationship, a bi women, a bi men or bi couples.

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