How to Start a New Bisexual Relationship

Start a New Bisexual Relationship
You are coming to this site, and reading the article about start a new bisexual relationship, it’s surely you are looking for bisexual partners, right?
Maybe you are still bisexual single, or have partner and need another bisexual friends, no matter how, before you trying to start a bisexual relationship, please consider your feelings and what you need from the relationship.
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First, Are You Bisexual?
Bisexual is attracted to man and women. How much they are attracted? Maybe be attracted to man more than women, or the opposite. But it will not influence the fact that they are bisexual.
You may want to start bisexual relationship, but it cannot certify you are certainly bisexual. How can I say that? Some people are just curious about bisexual, and want date with bisexual people, in their mind, bisexual friends are more open-minded than straight, do some romantic things, open-minded sex posture, threesome, etc. On the other hand, parts of bisexual couples, the wife or the husband is bi, but not both are bisexual.

Consider Your Feelings
Ok, you want to start bisexual relationship. Before involved with bisexuals new, ask yourself:
Will you comfortable knowing your partner is attracted to both sexes?
Do you need someone who is emotionally connected to you, even if he or she isn’t as physically connected?
Would you allow a partner to find physical fulfillment outside of your relationship?
If your answers are “No”, I don’t think it’s advisable to start a new bisexual relationship.

Understand Your Desire
Now you are sure if you are bi or bi-curious, and understand bisexuals in a way, right? Then know your need is important.
Are you physically attracted to one or both sexes?
Which gender are you the most comfortable around?
Do you identify most with being heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual?
When seeking emotional comfort, do you prefer men or women?
Answer these questions will be helpful to identify what you need in relationship, a bi women, a bi men or bi couples.

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